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The Live Resin 2ml Disposable, and Live Resin fresh frozen natural terpenes, have become every cannabis connoisseur's go-to option. Now, your favorite product is available with 2 blends, 2 terpene profiles, and both an Indica and Sativa, with the ability to combine them for a hybrid effect - all in one sleek device! Meet the 2ml Live Resin Switch Disposable - now available in a blend of THCp and HHC.

Gold Spectrum D8 + HHC + THCP 2ml Switch Disposables

Out of Stock
  • Press the button 4 times to turn on. Inhale to activate, or press the button three times to preheat. Flip the switch to the left to hit the THCp side, and flip to the right to hit the HHC side. Click the button twice to hit both sides at once. If the device dies, recharge the battery with a USB-C cable.

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