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A reliable grinder is an essential accessory for any smoker, whether they light up once in a while or multiple times a day. Tsunami makes high-quality devices that are built to last. A four-piece grinder is the best option because it grinds, catches the product on a screen below, and then the excess kief falls off and collects in the base chamber.

Each Tsunami grinder includes a scraper tool in the bottom layer for easy pollen handling. The sunken shape style of this grinder means that it has a non-traditional lid shape. This grinder’s lid curves inward towards the center. This makes the grinder more efficient, and the grinding process even quicker. The concave shape means that there is less space in the grinding layer for the flower to sit, forcing it in between the teeth and then to the layer below. A mesh screen sits below the teeth, which holds the ground flower. Bump the sides a few times to knock off any loose pollen, which collects in the very bottom layer. This can be added to bowls, joints or blunts, or saved and pressed into pucks.

Tsunami 75mm Sunken Top Grinder

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