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These sleek, rechargable 1g disposable devices are made with a blend of premium hemp-derived oils. A mix of THCP, HHC, and Delta-8 THC is sure to satisfy. Flavor descriptions below:


Red Burst - Watermelon blended with Raspberry Lemonade (Hybrid)


Yellow Burst - Cream of Peach with a hint of Tart Lemons (Sativa)


Purple Burst - Sweet Blue Raspberry packed with a Purple Punch (Sativa)


Orange Burst - Juicy, Ripe Orange mixed with Fresh Pineapple Flavor (Indica)


Blue Burst 2g - Delicious, Sour Granny Smith Apple accented by Freshly-Picked Blueberries (Hybrid)


Pink Burst 2g- Delightful Fusion of Sweet Strawberries and Refreshing Watermelons (Indica)


Little High 1g THCP Disposable

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