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The Puffco The Peak Smart Rig gets you the most efficient and enjoyable smoking experience possible, even faster and easier than ever before. Whether you want smaller hits or big flavor clouds, this rig is right for you. It even features a "Sesh-mode"--the first ever social dab setting. 

Many typical dab rigs have a heating time of 3 minutes, but The Peak hurdles that time by heating up in only 20 seconds, so you can spend more time vaping and less time waiting. Its smartware technology automatically adjust the temperature of your bowl if it is still hot between hits, providing you with a more consistent experience during repeated use or Sesh-mode. 

A discreet light band provides batter and heat level indicators when needed and conceals itself when they're not, and haptic feedback keeps the heating mechanism synchronizing with your timing. The lithium battery charges in just 2 hours and provides you with approximately 30 dabs of charge power.

This powerful smart rig is perfect for getting the intricate flavors you're searching for in their purest forms. Whether you're conquering a comfy couch at home or the highest mountain, The Peak will be there with every step of the way.

Original PuffCo Peak

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